100 pounds lost: A retrospective (Part 1)

Well, everyone, that moment is almost here.

The moment where I can officially say that I have lost 100 pounds!  I really never thought that I would see this day.  I had imagined losing that much weight before, but never actually thought I could do it.

So, today I decided to look back over the past year and five months to see what I have done in that time.  I decided to split this up into at least two parts, for easier reading.

Here’s Part 1:

On March 9, 2011 I weighed in at a staggering 334.5 lbs.  I had never been that heavy before.  My body fat % was 44.7%.  Almost half of my body was FAT!!!

I had just started a new job, and they had a free gym, so I decided to go and check it out.  I liked it, and got a fitness consultation to see how bad it was.

It was pretty bad.  My blood pressure was high, my pulse elevated, my flexibility was horrible.  Generally, I was in REALLY bad shape.

The trainer recommended that I just start out on the treadmill with walking and some resistance training and stretching.

I started exercising, slowly at first, just doing mostly walking on the treadmill and a few machine resistance exercises here and there.  I started making progress, and by November of 2011 I had lost 30 pounds, and my body fat % was now 34.7%  that is pretty darn good progress.

At that point, I went “rogue” and decided that I was getting tired of cardio, and that I wanted to REALLY start lifting weights.  I had never really touched a barbell before, so I knew I had to start somewhere.  I began to read that lifting with free weights was so much better for you than doing it on machines.  It involves so many more stabilizer muscles, etc.

I discovered a website called “StrongLifts”, and I read the “free report” PDF that was sent to me.  It was simple, to the point and just made sense.  It basically told to learn the form of the “Big Three” (Squat, Deadlift and Bench) to start with just the 45 lb. Olympic bar.  Who cares if people look at you funny?  Then progressively add 5 lbs. every time you do that exercise.  Oh, and do squats three times a week.

So, I did just that.  I started to squat three times a week.  In no time, I was adding weight to the bar.  Sure, it was hard and first (oh, the soreness!!!).  After a bit, I got used to it, and it began to get a bit easier.

I picked up Mark Rippetoe’s book “Starting Strength” and read up on form.

I realized that I LOVE to lift weights!  I absolutely despise cardio, but I love lifting.  I started reading material that talked about losing weight exclusively through weight training.  So, that is what I have done so far.  I have been losing weight by going against popular opinion.  Since I picked up the bar back in November of 2011, I have not looked back!

Since that day, I have lost 67 pounds of my total lost almost exclusively through weight training.

My point is this:  Find an exercise that you LOVE and do it!  If something looks interesting to you, try it!  You HAVE to find something that you enjoy and that will motivate you to go to the next level!  If you don’t so that, you will most likely never lose weight!

I started with the bar on all of my lifting exercises, and I am still considered a novice (less than one year lifting), but I am already getting stronger 🙂

As of this writing, my 1RM for each exercise is below:

Bench: 185

Squat: This one is kinda up in the air at the moment.  My last cycle of lifting it was about 275.

Overhead press: 136

Deadlift: 325

In the next part of this series, I will discuss how diet plays an even bigger part in your success than your exercise!  I will also discuss a method of eating that basically doubled my amount of weight loss in the same time.  It involves caloric restriction, but other things as well.

Until next time, find something to get you moving and DO it!


About misfit28

I am a 37 year old father of one child. I reside in Nashville, TN with my wife, and am employed as a social science researcher. Weight loss and weight training has become one of my passions.
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16 Responses to 100 pounds lost: A retrospective (Part 1)

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  2. Steph says:

    I like lifting more than cardio, so your experience is inspiring! Do you go lift weights with a buddy or on your own? I worry about doing my bench presses without a spotter ever since I failed one of my reps and was ‘rescued’ by a fellow gym goer who looked ready to rebuke me. (The weight was barely more than the bar itself, so I didn’t find it a particularly dangerous situation, but I was still embarrassed!)

  3. unlikelyraw says:

    Good for you!!!! Such an amazing feat!!!

  4. itcomagic says:

    I am the opposite when it comes to exercising in that I love walking, biking, and swimming; and I loath resistance. I used to belong to a gym and the only resistance I could abide was leg work because that is where my strength is. I am not much of an upper body person. My arms are scrawny, but I can power through some crazy leg reps. That being said, when you talked about finding something you love to get you to exercise, I fear with summer coming to end I may have to join a gym with an indoor pool to keep me at it. I love swimming and could do it everyday but my pool at my condo is about to close. Biking is still an option and I may have to turn to it.
    Anyway, thanks for all the info and I WILL be at my ideal weight in a matter of months and I trust this lifestyle change will follow me long after that.

    • misfit28 says:

      I can totally understand. I just think strength training is a much more effective way to burn fat. It adds lean muscle mass, which raises your metabolism as well 🙂

      But, do what makes you happy! There are a lot of things that you can try, if your pool is closing soon 🙂 Just try to find something else, don’t be afraid to try something new!

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